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1. The potential biomarkers and immunological effects of tumor-derived exosomes in lung cancer

Authors: Alipoor, S.D.,Mortaz, E. Varahram, M, Movassaghi, M., Kraneveld, A.D., Garssen, J., Adcock, I.M

Journal : Frontiers in Immunology


2. Association Between Vitamin D Deficiencies in Sarcoidosis with Disease Activity, Course of Disease and Stages of Lung Involvements

Authors: kiani,A., Abedini,A., Adcock, I.M., Mirenayat, MS., Taghavi,K,. Mortaz,E., Kazempour,M.

Journal : Journal of Medical Biochemistry


3. Zymosan attenuates melanoma growth progression, increases splenocyte proliferation and induces TLR-2/4 and TNF-α expression in mice

Authors:  Taghavi, M. Mortaz,E., khosravi,A., Kazempour, M., Varahram,M., et al.

Journal : Journal of Inflammation (United Kingdom)


4.  Evidence for M2 macrophages in granulomas from pulmonary sarcoidosis: A new aspect of macrophage heterogeneity

Authors: Shamaei, M., Mortaz, E., Pourabdollah, M., Tabarsi, P., Velayati, A., Adcock, I.M,.

Journal : Journal of Inflammation (United Kingdom)



5.  Exosomes in severe asthma: Update in their roles and potential in therapy

Authors: Mortaz, E. Alipoor, S.D. Varahram, M. Jamaati, H. Garssen, J. Mumby, S.E. ,Adcock, I.M.

Journal : BioMed Research International



6.  What immunological defects predispose to non-tuberculosis mycobacterial infections?

Authors: Mortaz, E. Moloudizargari,M. Varahram, M. Dizagie, M.K. et al.

Journal : Iranian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology


7.  Implementing tuberculosis close-contact investigation in a Tertiary Hospital in Iran

Authors: Shamaei, M. Esmaeili, S. Marjani, M., Tabarsi, P.

Journal : International Journal of Preventive Medicine


8. MiR-1224 Expression is increased in human macrophages after infection with Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG)

Authors: Alipoor, S,D., Mortaz E., Tabarsi, P.,  Mrajani, M., Varahram, M., et al.

Journal : Iranian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology


9. Susceptibility to mycobacterial disease due to mutations in IL-12Rβ1 in three Iranian patients

Authors: Alinejad Dizaj, M., Mortaz E., Mahdaviani, S.A..,  Mansouri, D., Velayati, AA.., et al.

Journal : Immunogenetics


10. Risk factors associated with survival of pulmonary tuberculosis

Authors: Kazempour Dizaji, M., Kazemnejad, A., .Tabarsi, P.,  Zayeri, F

Journal : Iranian Journal of Public Health







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