1. Prevalence of Haarlem I and Beijing types of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains in Iranian and Afghan MDR-TB patients

Authors: P Farnia, MR Masjedi, M Mirsaeidi, F Mohammadi, V Vincent, M Bahadori, et al.

Journal: Journal of Infection.


2. Primary and acquired drug resistance in childhood tuberculosis

Authors: S Khalilzadeh, MR Boloorsaz, A Safavi, P Farnia, AA Velayati.

Journal: Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal.


3. Comparison between molecular epidemiology, geographical regions and drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains isolated from Iranian and Afghan patients

Authors: R Ramazanzadeh, P Farnia, N Amirmozafari, F Ghazi, Z Ghadertotonchi, et al.

Journal: Chemotherapy.


4. Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis: 2 years of surveillance in Iran

Authors: MR Masjedi, P Farnia, S Sorooch, MV Pooramiri, SD Mansoori, et al.

Journal: Clinical infectious diseases


5. The most prevalent Mycobacterium tuberculosis superfamilies among Iranian and Afghan TB cases

Authors: AA Velayati, P Farnia, M Mirsaeidi, MR Masjedi.

Journal: Scandinavian journal of infectious diseases.

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