Acid-fast microscopy examination (24 hours)

The smear microscopy is the most rapid method for detection of acid-fast bacilli (AFB) in clinical specimens. Smears detect viable and non-viable organisms; with a threshold of 10,000 organisms /ml of sputum, .This Centre receives 80 to 120 pulmonary and Extra-Pulmonary specimens per day. The specimens were digested and decontaminated by petroff 's (using 4% NAOH) method. The results of smear microscopy mailed or faxed to other hospital , correctional facilities, and intermediate laboratories of Iran immediately .

Smear : indirect after decontamination by Petroff method Staining : Ziehl-nelson staining

Specimens : Sputum ,BAL,Body fluid,gastric aspirate ,tissue

Comments : The form ( called number-6) has to completely field by attending doctor

Collection : See the table .1.


Volume: 5-10 ml smear results: within 24 hours of receiving specimens

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