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Scientists move a step closer to harnessing viruses to fight antibiotic resistance
As antibiotics increasingly develop resistance to bacteria that cause infection, scientists have moved a step closer to harnessing viruses as an alternative form of therapy.
 09:17 - 2021/10/18 - Comments : ٠more ... >>
Tuberculosis deaths rise for the first time in more than a decade due to the COVID-19 pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has reversed years of global progress in tackling tuberculosis and for the first time in over a decade, TB deaths have increased, according to the World Health Organization?s 2021 Global TB report.
 09:9 - 2021/10/18 - Comments : ٠more ... >>
India, Brazil, Russia, S Africa to study intersection of Covid, TB
A consortium of doctors and researchers from India, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa have partnered to conduct a study on the epidemiological impact and intersection of the Covid-19 and Tuberculosis
 11:17 - 2021/09/21 - Comments : ٠more ... >>
Molecular underpinning of chronic bone infection in patients with mycobacterial disease revealed
About a quarter of the world's population is infected with tuberculosis bacteria, according to the World Health Organization, but only about 5 to 10% of those infected will develop symptoms. These pathogens are mycobacteria, which are everywhere, including in chlorine-treated tap water.
 11:9 - 2021/09/21 - Comments : ٠more ... >>
Tuberculosis, the forgotten pandemic relying on a 100-year-old vaccine
By some estimates, 2 billion people are now infected worldwide, and in 2019, around 1.4 million people died from it.
 11:48 - 2021/08/24 - Comments : ٠more ... >>
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