1. Bovis Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) infection induces exosomal miRNA release by human macrophages

Authors: Alipoor, S.D., Mortaz, E., Tabarsi, P., Farnia, P., Mirsaeidi, M., Garssen, J., Movassaghi, M., Adcock, I.M.

Journal : Journal of Translational Medicine


2. Genomic analysis of globally diverse Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains provides insights into the
emergence and spread of multidrug resistance

Authors: Manson, A.L., Cohen, K.A., Abeel, T., Velayati, A.A., Farnia, P., et al.

Journal : Nature Genetics


3. Association of interferon-γ receptor-1 gene polymorphism with nontuberculous mycobacterial lung infection among Iranian patients with pulmonary disease

Authors: Farnia, P., Ghanavi, J., Saif, S., Farnia, P., Velayati, A.A.

Journal : American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene


4. Comparison between pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis in adolescents

Authors: Lotfian, F., Lotfian, G., Bolursaz, M.R., Tabarsi, P., Velayati, A.

Journal : Archives of Pediatric Infectious Diseases


5. Low bone mineral density and associated factors in patients with cystic fibrosis: A cross-sectional study

Authors: Nodoushan, A.J., Golzar, A., Hassanzad, M., Sayedi, S.J., Velayati, A.

Journal : International Journal of Pediatrics


6. Bacillus Calmette–Guérin vaccine complications in Iranian children at a University Hospital

Authors: Bolursaz, M.R., Lotfian, F., Velayati, A.A.

Journal : Allergologia et Immunopathologia


7. A new ataxia-telangiectasia mutation in an 11-year-old female

Authors: Mortaz, E., Marashian, S.M., Ghaffaripour, H., Varahram, M., Mehrian, P., Dorudinia, A., Garssen, J., Adcock, I.M., Taylor, M., Mahdaviani, S.A.

Journal : Immunogenetics


8. Effect of heart valve decellularization on xenograft rejection

Authors: Abdolghafoorian, H., Farnia, P., Nia, R.S.S., Bahrami, A., Dorudinia, A., Ghanavi, J.

Journal : Experimental and Clinical Transplantation


9. Genotypic characterization of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus spp. In tertiary center, Iran

Authors: Shokouhi, S., Darazam, I.A., Javadi, A., Rouhani, M., Ghasemnejad, M.

Journal : Infectious Disorders - Drug Targets


10. Paecilomyces formosus Infection in an Adult Patient with Undiagnosed Chronic Granulomatous Disease

Authors: Heshmatnia, J., Marjani, M., Mahdaviani, S.A.,  Velayati, A.A., et al.

Journal : Journal of Clinical Immunology


11. Water-pipe smoke condensate increases the internalization of Mycobacterium Bovis of type II
alveolar epithelial cells (A549)

Authors: Mortaz, E., Alipoor, S.D., Movassaghi, M., Varahram, M., Ghorbani, J., Folkerts, G., Garssen, J., Adcock, I.M.

Journal : BMC Pulmonary Medicine


12. Modified rifampin nanoparticles: Increased solubility with slow release Rate

Authors: Farnia, P., Velayati, A.A., Mollaei, S., Ghanavi, J.

Journal : International Journal of Mycobacteriology,


13. The effects of smoking on treatment outcome in patients newly diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis

Authors: Masjedi, M.R., Hosseini, M., Aryanpur, M., Mortaz, E., Tabarsi, P., et al.

Journal : International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease


14. The link between intergenic distances and controls exerted on the transcriptional regulation; an inferential approach

Authors: Ahmadi, M., Salehi, B.

Journal : Cellular and Molecular Biology


15. Computed Tomography Findings of Pulmonary Mycobacterium simiae Infection

Authors: Baghizadeh, A., Mehrian, P., Farnia, P.

Journal : Canadian Respiratory Journal


16. Pattern recognitions receptors in immunodeficiency disorders

Authors: Mortaz, E., Adcock, I.M., Tabarsi, P., Darazam, I.A., Movassaghi, M., Garssen, J., Jamaati, H., Velayati, A.

Journal : European Journal of Pharmacology


17. Medicinal plants used in the treatment of tuberculosis - Ethnobotanical and ethnopharmacological approaches

Authors: Sharifi-Rad, J., Salehi, B., Stojanović-Radić, Z.Z., Fokou, P.V.T., Sharifi-Rad, M., Mahady, G.B.,et al.

Journal : Biotechnology Advances


18. The role of pattern recognition receptors in lung sarcoidosis

Authors: Mortaz, E., Adcock, I.M., Abedini, A., Kiani, A., Kazempour-Dizaji, M., Movassaghi, M., Garssen, J.

Journal : European Journal of Pharmacology,


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