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'Release and kill' strategy may aid treatment of tuberculosis
Mycobacterium tuberculosis has been called "the perfect pathogen." These bacteria hijack human macrophages, persist inside the cells to evade immune destruction, and then prevent the macrophage from undergoing programmed cell death.
 ٠٩:٥٨ - 2017/03/13 - Comments : ٠more ... >>
Atomic-scale view of bacterial proteins offers path to new tuberculosis drugs
In studying a cousin of the bacterium that causes tuberculosis, scientists have drawn a molecular map of the target for rifampicin, a common antibiotic.
 ٠٩:٤٩ - 2017/03/13 - Comments : ٠more ... >>
Parasite protein could help inform new anti-tuberculosis strategies
Proteins produced by the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis may be involved in immune system processes that can help fight mycobacteria, according to a new study. The findings suggest that these proteins could potentially play a role in new treatment strategies for tuberculosis.
 ٠٨:٢٣ - 2017/03/13 - Comments : ٠more ... >>
Highlighting the clinical complications associated with ART in HIV/TB coinfected patients
Future Science Group has announced the publication of an article in Future Virology highlighting the clinical complications associated with antiretroviral therapy in Chinese HIV/ Tuberculosis (TB) coinfected patients.
 ٠٨:٣ - 2017/03/13 - Comments : ٠more ... >>
TB tricks the body's immune system to allow it to spread
Tuberculosis (TB) tricks the immune system into attacking the body’s lung tissue so the bacteria are allowed to spread to other people, new research.
 ٠٨:٥ - 2017/03/07 - Comments : ٠more ... >>
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